Jude Law shunned snappers after a drunken night out with friends. The single star - who was described as "grumpy and confused" - was caught out after hitting the bottle at London's exclusive Groucho Club on Wednesday night. An onlooker told Mirror newspaper: "Jude had a great night with pals and sank a good few drinks - so he certainly wasn't ready for a Kodak moment when he left.

"He seemed baffled by the attention and asked snappers why they were taking his pictures as he isn't doing anything at the moment."

Meanwhile, the Jude has been linked to the 'Batman Begins' sequel. It's not the first time the 'Talented Mr Ripley' star has been associated with the caped crusader franchise - he was considered for the main role before it was handed to another British hunk, Christian Bale.

This time though the plans are to have the cad go bad and play super-villain D.A Harvey Dent, aka Two Face. Tommy Lee Jones played the same character in the 1995 movie, 'Batman Forever'.