Josh Holloway wants his Lost character Sawyer to die in a grisly, "Braveheart-style battle". Although Josh is not sure about Sawyer's fate, if he does get killed off he wants to go out with a bang just like Mel Gibson's character William Wallace did in the epic Scottish film.

He told Britain's New magazine: "In the current atmosphere of TV shows the writers are willing to kill a main character without any problem. So that's a possibility. But when it happens, I want a big, bloody Braveheart-style battle. I want Sawyer to die badly!"

Josh is currently shooting movie thriller Whisper, in which he plays a completely different character to Sawyer.

He explains: "I chose that role because it was the opposite. The character I play is a bad person with a good heart and I thought it would be interesting to play a more heroic character."

Whisper is due out later this year.