Jon Hamm is very noticeably not married to his girlfriend of 16 years, Jennifer Westfeldt. They like it this way, though they always have to explain to reporters that this is intentional, that neither of them are pushing for a proposal. Hamm stars in the new movie Million Dollar Arm which is also about an unconventional family. 

J.B. Bernstein (Hamm) is a sports agent who went to India to recruit pitchers. The two Indian boys he brought home became his family and actually led him to get close to the woman who would become his wife.

“I’m in a modern family myself,” Hamm said.  “Everyone’s like, when are you and Jen going to get married? We’ve been together for 16 years and yet we’re as married as anybody I guess. I don’t know and, it is however you define it is what it is and you can see in J.B. and Rinku [Singh]’s relationship, the real guys, that there is this sort of paternal and loving relationship there and that was part of the thing that again like attracted me to this [movie],  this guy learning that and what that means.”

The film emphasizes that Bernstein was very happily single before he met Singh and Dinesh Patel, but that he’s even happier now that he’s married to Brenda and has the boys in his life. 

“I don’t have kids, but I’ve been a teacher,” Hamm said. “I’ve been a daycare teacher, I have tons of nieces and nephews and I feel like all of these people are my family.  I lost my parents very young.  I’ve had a lot of surrogate parents in my life, family friends who have sort of adopted me in many ways so I have a very fluid definition of family as well.  That’s just reason 401 why I responded to the, to the script and I think it is a big part of the journey of this character.”

Million Dollar Arm opens May 16.