Johnny Knoxville's fans are so fond of the wild stunts he pulls off on television and in the movies, they like to physically abuse him when he's out on the town.

The Jackass star pays the bills by taking shots to the testicles, out-running bulls and performing nauseating practical jokes and he admits he has to watch his back when he's out socializing because devotees think he's a human punching bag all the time.

The Bad Grandpa actor says, "The guys try to fight me and the girls would come up and put cigarettes out on my arm; I had one put it out on my face. I had a girl come up and say, 'Oh, I love what you do,' and punch me right in the nose.

"Guys would come up and they would punch me or try to fight me... These days they want me to hit them. They'll come up and go, 'I love what you do, will you hit me in the nuts?' And I'm like, 'Of course not!'"

However, if he's out with his Jackass buddies, there's always someone who will agree to abuse a fan.

He adds, "Wee Man (Jason Acuna) will (always) oblige."