Johnny Depp wore a slick pinstriped suit to the London premiere of 'Public Enemies' and talked about playing Michael Jackson in a movie.

"Obviously hearing about the sad passing of Michael Jackson, for all of us, is very very tragic. Some children lost a father, some parents lost a child, some brothers and sisters lost a sibling and that's obviously very sad. I had great respect for what he's done, his work over the years, he's a real genius," Depp remarked.

And the actor famous for his eccentric roles addressed rumors that he is set to star as Jackson in a biopic movie, "As far as playing him in a movie, it's such an obtuse rumor I never had the pleasure of cultivating."

Last week on the 'Late Show With David Letterman,' 46-year-old Depp confessed to not watching his own movies, "In a way, once my job is done on the film, it's really none of my business. I stay as far away as I possibly can [from the finished product]. If I can I try to stay in as profound a state of ignorance as possible. I don't like watching myself."

In 'Public Enemies,' Depp plays legendary outlaw John Dillinger. The movie comes out July 1. Read a review here.

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