Johnny Depp has reportedly given Kate Moss a strange gift to celebrate her leaving rehab - a mirror.

The heartthrob actor is said to have presented the shamed supermodel with the looking glass - which drug addicts often use when snorting cocaine - as she prepares to leave the US clinic where she was treated following her drug scandal.

The handsome actor - who used to date the catwalk queen - wants Kate to use the mirror to "face herself without fear", according to a report in The Sun newspaper.

The star, who is part Cherokee, says the mirror therapy is an old Indian belief. Last week it was revealed Kate has turned to poetry in a bid to beat her drug problems.

The stunning 31-year-old allegedly writes poems then reads them to lover Pete Doherty over the phone. One verse reads: "What matters is what is underneath."

A friend revealed: "She's found writing her thoughts down in verse very calming. Her friends and family are pleased she has had something to focus on while she recovers."