John Mayer struggled not to cry when he found out a doctor would be sticking a large needle in his neck (without an anesthetic) to treat his voice problems.

In order to cure his ongoing throat issues, a doctor had to inject muscle freezing Botox into his vocal chords in August, and the singer/songwriter was stunned he would be wide awake for the procedure and didn't need to be admitted to the hospital.

He explained, "I met this great doctor and he said, 'We just give you Botox'. I said, 'What day would that be?' and he goes, 'We can do it right now' and I said, 'So would you put me under and then you would put that (the needle) down my throat?' And he goes, 'Nope, we go right in through the neck' - and I started crying. I was just trying to tip my head back so the tear wouldn't break the surface, and then I was like, 'OK...'"

Mayer also struggled to accept the grim reality that he would be banned from speaking for several months following the procedure.

He told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, "I just have so much more respect for singers, and have finally come around to calling the voice an instrument...We always used to roll our eyes when people said it was an instrument, but it is. It's really sensitive, people book months and months and months ahead to tour and you play for thousands and thousands of people from this tiny, tiny, little muscle and so I have so much more respect for it and so much more respect for playing music. I want to just enjoy everything now."
In January,  the "Your Body Is A Wonderland" singer returned to the stage for the first time since the Botox injection. The singer, who recently split with pop star Katy Perry, recently announced he is planning an upcoming tour.