You may remember the story and audio clip of Gibson's rant that floated around the internet last winter. Joe Eszterhas was hired by Mel Gibson to write a screenplay (The Mccabees), a story about Jewish Freedom fighters from 2nd century. The whole experience was so upsetting that Eszterhas felt he needed to write a book about the whole ordeal.

Now, Eszterhas has taken to the internet to defend and explain why he wrote the book. "The sordid violence of his threats, combined with the physical violence of two explosions I witnessed, is the other reason I wrote my book," explained Eszterhas in his exclusive on The Daily Beast.

"I wrote my book Heaven and Mel because I feel I’ve been used as a pawn in Mel Gibson’s attempt to protect himself against continuing charges that he is anti-Semitic," continued Eszterhas.

Eszterhas also expressed his fears for himself, his family and Gibson as well. "While I was working with Mel Gibson, I saw many crucifixes and guns around his house. That twisted juxtaposition—crucifixes and guns—troubles me. I came to the conclusion that Mel Gibson needs immediate psychiatric treatment and medication, or someone will get hurt:  probably Mel, but possibly Oksana, or an innocent Jewish person who wanders into his field of vision."

The book Heaven and Mel, now available on Kindle, details and explains his ordeal with Mel Gibson over the Mccabees screenplay.

You can read Joe Eszterhas full post at the Daily Beast.