Actor-turned-rapper Joaquin Phoenix has stepped in front of the camera one more time in the name of animal rights - he's recorded a PETA campaign clip to urge stars against wearing exotic animal skins.

The "Walk The Line" star has recorded a short film for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) calling on celebrities to stop wearing clothes and accessories made from creatures such as alligators, lizards and snakes.
He says, "Exotic animals are mostly unknown to us, and so is what they suffer before being turned into belts and bags. Every year millions of reptiles are slaughtered so handbags, belts and shoes can be made from their skin. The animals' welfare is not a consideration to those who hunt, skin and farm them."

PETA reps claim the video will be sent to stars including Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker in a bid to change their fashion habits, according to Us Weekly.

The video...



Major corporations and retailers, such as Nike, H&M and have promised not to sell or use any exotic skins in their products; and you can get involved and help Joaquin send his message to the exotic-skins industry, designers, retailers, and others who profit from or support the barbaric practice by signing his petition at