"I like my butt. It's perfectly proportional, it's cute, and it's still where it belongs. It's been behaving so far, and if it doesn't, I can spank it a little bit and put it back in place - just like I do with my men." - Supermodel Joanna Krupa tells Maxim about her favorite body part.

The 30-year-old Polish beauty appears topless with her hands over her breasts on the cover of the magazine's August 2009 issue. Recently Krupa appeared on the ABC reality show 'The Superstars,' where she was teamed up with football player Terrell Owens.

After T.O. messed up one of the challenges the blonde beauty lashed out with an expletive laden rant directed at the NFL star (scroll down to watch the video below).

And she took umbrage with the show's host Warren Sapp as well, "He was so arrogant and disrespectful. I think he's frustrated because he used to be in the NFL and now it looks like he's had too many hamburgers."

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