Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams addressed the recent backlash over actress Alice Eve's gratuitous underwear shot in the movie during an appearance on Conan O'Brien's show Wednesday night.

The director revealed that while Eve's scene remained in the film, an equally gratuitous shot of Benedict Cumberbatch's villain shirtless and taking a shower -- or, a "shower of evil" as Abrams put it.

"She's changing and the idea was, the intent was, it's Kirk who was always a womanizing character, so the idea was to have a beat like that in the midst of all this action and adventure... have a beat where he looks and looks away," Abrams says.

"I don't think I quite edited the scene in the right way. To me it was a sort of a balance -- there's a scene earlier where he's not dressed either," Abrams adds, "so it felt like it was a sort of trade-off...

"Some people did feel like it was exploiting her. While she is lovely, I can see their point of view."

Abrams brought along the clip of Cumberbatch's baddie in the shower, which was shown after a still of a shirtless Kirk in bed with a woman.

"We had a scene with [Cumberbatch] where we saw him actually taking a shower... It's not in the movie, but we had this. It's one of those things that we ended up cutting," Abrams said to introduce the six-second clip.


Conan also asked the director about Easter Eggs -- hidden references and goodies in movies -- and Abrams referenced the fictional drink Slusho, which he includes a reference to in all of his movies and show. The inside joke began with his hit show Alias.

O'Brien then added that he had one when he was a writer on The Simpsons, finding a way to get the term "Jub Jub" into an episode. As it turns out, Jub Jub became the name of Marge Simpson's sister Selma's pet iguana.

The host then requested that Abrams somehow find a way to sneak "Jub Jub" into "Star Wars: Episode VII," which he'll start work on soon.

"If and when I am directing Star Wars, Jub Jub somehow will find its way in," Abrams promised Conan.


Alice Eve guested on the show Tuesday night, doing a great impression of Abrams and showing off some of her gratuitous figure.