Jimmy Fallon begins his duties as new host of NBC's Late Night at 12:35 AM this week. You may already have a taste for his style if you've seen any of his internet experiments. If you're participating, you may even hear your jokes in his monologue.

"I Twitter and I'm currently on Facebook," Fallon said. "I'm experimenting now how it could be interactive with our show. For instance, I went to CES [The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas] but across the street was the Adult Entertainment Expo. So I Twittered, 'Give me any double entendre jokes right now.' And I got 150 in three seconds, pretty good ones actually to be honest. One guy said Tron Jeremy. I thought that was funny. Somebody said you get a coupon for double the RAM on either. Those are great double entendre jokes. I go, that was fantastic. They wrote it in three seconds."

You won't have to feel guilty watching Late Night anymore either. Fallon's studio is not totally green. "I think I'm doing the whole thing with flashlights, rechargeable batteries," Fallon joked. "No, everything's recycled materials. We're building everything with recycled metals and materials and all green lighting and stuff like that. We're one of the first, we're starting from scratch, so it's NBC's policy that we build everything from the ground up green. Everything. Everything we possibly can."

Some of technology's hottest manufacturers want to get in on the upstart show. Fallon geeked out over his new equipment. "Dude, Sharp gave us the 108' television which is huge. 108, it's bigger than a king size bed. I got the 108 because I figured it might be fun, it's cheaper for the budget to instead of building a set, if I'm going to do a sketch about the oval office, to just have a picture of the flag and the oval office background and just have a desk top. Much cheaper and it's better for the budget. It turned out that we won that battle. Sharp was like, 'Yeah, we'll take care of you.' So I'm like, 'All right.' I mean, I think a lot of gadgets and stuff like that and technology is looking to us as a different type of show because I don't know if any other show has been that intrigued by it all. We really are."

Now that the late night game has been going on for several decades, Fallon need not flounder his way through the scene. He can reap the benefits of his forefathers.

"Conan gave me so much advice. It's more like try, like the more you do it, the more you learn, the better you're going to get. Stephen Colbert actually gave me great advice that Conan gave him that Johnny Carson gave Conan which was with the show, you're going to use everything you've ever known at one point."

One thing you won't see on Late Night is Fallon's old Saturday Night Live characters. Sorry, no Barry Gibb Talk Show interludes. "No, that was SNL, that was fun. I'm a different guy now and I'm just going to hopefully make new characters."

Tune into Late Night with Jimmy Fallon at 12:35 on NBC, and Twitter him your feedback at 1:30.

Interview by Fred Topel

Starpulse contributing writer

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