Jimmy Fallon And Will Smith Do The 'Evolution Of Hip-Hop Dancing'

Jimmy Fallon was joined by actor Will Smith on his first episode as host of "The Tonight Show" Monday night, and the two stars performed the hilarious "Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing" together.

Without skipping a beat (pun intended) Fallon brought over many of his old mainstays from "Late Night" to his new show and time slot, and Hip-Hop follows right in line with his "Evolution of Mom Dancing" he performed with First Lady Michelle Obama on his old show.

Fallon and Smith break out all the old moves -- and even throw in a few new ones, much to Smith's chagrin.

The two stars even did "The Dougie" and threw in a blast from Smith's past on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air."

Check it out above, and check out "Mom Dancing" below...

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