Last night we learned how far Jimmy Fallon is willing to go for a good pun on The Tonight Show.

Fallon wrote on his Twitter page before his show aired, "Not kidding. Get ready. #ThisIsHalleRoll." Halle, of course, refers to his guest Halle Berry. Berry visited the show to promote her upcoming CBS show Extant. But how would she roll?

During his interview with Halle, Jimmy said "Halle, should we show them how we roll?" She replied, "Let's do it!" Cut to a long gymnastic mat and the show's host blubbering about how he's not going to look up the actress's tight dress as he laid down beneath her.

"I'm not going to peek, I'm not going to look," Jimmy said with a laugh as he grabbed Halle's ankles and she bent over to grab his. What the heck was going on?

The pair tried to form a human hamster ball and tumbled over and over along the mat, but they looked more like a broken slinky. We give them props for trying,especially since it looks like Halle took a few hard blows to the back as Jimmy tumbled over her.

How is Fallon going to follow that up? Well, a few hours ago on Twitter he promised a new game with tonight's guest Kelly Ripa. If you can't stay up to watch, be sure to check out Starpulse tomorrow when we break it down for you.