While Jim Carrey continues his gun control crusade on Twitter, ex-fans of the comedian are selling his autograph on eBay to "buy guns" and make a political point.

An eBay user started an auction to sell his autographed glossy photo of Carrey - one of hundreds that seem to constantly populate the site for around $8 and have the message "Spank you very much." This user, however, set his auction price to $50 and said he wanted the money "to buy a gun."

By Wednesday, the auction reached $860. Soon after eBay removed the auction, and the user started a new auction with all mentions of the word "gun" redacted. "I'm selling this Jim Carrey autographed B&W photo (mint condition) for purposes I cannot explain because it might be against eBay's Terms & Conditions."

Similar auctions have appeared, such as one titled, "Selling a Jim Carrey Americas betrayal Autographed 8X10."

Meanwhile, Carrey's Twitter page is now dominated with his thoughts on gun control. He recently told the story of Bonnie & Clyde: "This licence plate is from the death car of Bonnie and Clyde. Barrow was known to be impotent. He compensated with violence. Owning a handgun or a shotgun is 1 thing bt if u need more fire power than that, it means you're shootin' blanks in the bedroom."

He also posted, "'COLD DEAD HAND' A HUGE HIT on Funny Or Die! 1.8 million views in 3days! Forcing intolerent goons everywhere to show their hideous face."

In response to the eBay listings, the comedian claimed, "A lot of the autographs you'll buy 4 guns online r fakes.Jokes on both buyer and seller.Not to mention the karma.Your luck will be bad. ;^)"