Jillian Michaels has been a target after her statements in Women's Health, which appeared to be against birthing a child so she could maintain her figure. Michaels is now defending her words.

"I'm going to adopt. I can't handle doing that to my body. Also, when you rescue something, it's like rescuing a part of yourself," is what Jillian was quoted as saying in the magazine. She now says it was taken out of context.

"There is a misunderstanding circulating in the press on my personal choice to not get pregnant," she posted on her Facebook profile. "I think that pregnancy is admirable and selfless. For myself, I have remnant body issues left over from childhood which leads me to make adoption my personal choice down the road."

"I NEVER said I was anti-pregnancy or that pregnancy ruins a body. I said 'I can't put my body through it.' There are emotional issues and physical LIMITATIONS that have resulted in that conclusion - some I have discussed publicly and some I haven't."

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