Jessica Simpson will be on the “Fashion Mentors” on the new NBC show Fashion Star. Aspiring designers will compete for buyers like H&M and Macy’s to actually put their designs on the market the day after the show airs. Sporting a lovely healthy bump herself, Simpson discussed her plans for new maternity clothes at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

“I definitely look at comfort,” Simpson said. “I buy bigger sizes which is very important but I haven’t really gone to maternity clothes. I don’t really love a lot of maternity stuff so I’m using it as a fun business thing to do. The next thing you’ll see form the Jessica Simpson Collection is maternity.”

As a mentor, Simpson shared some of her advice for new designers just breaking into the business. “I personally think that it’s important to understand who your consumer is and once you get detached from that, thinking you’re this hotshot designer is when everything goes to waste. It’s really being able to be a relatable person and brand and being able to translate that into your garment.”

As for her own pregnancy, Simpson is trying to keep the focus on her clothes, but she gave a few updates. “I feel great. The pregnancy’s going great. I’m just waddling around now. We’re not saying the due date but it’s in the spring so it’s coming. I do want to be surprised [on the gender but], we’ve gone through all different kinds of names but we’re pretty much set on our name so we’ll see what happens.”

Fashion Star premieres this March on NBC.