Jessica Lange is one of many of the original actors from American Horror Story that returned to the franchise that is now telling a completely new story known as American Horror Story: Asylum.

To talk about the current season, as well as plans for a third season and prep for the mid-season finale on Wednesday, Lange spoke to a handful of reporters via conference call.

Here are the highlights:

On the difference in tones between season one and season two. “I think it’s darker. I think the whole story is darker this time. It deals, I think, on a much darker psychological level. You’ve got human experiments. I think in some way last season was a ghost story, and this season it really is the darker parts of the human psyche that Ryan is exploring. I think the affect is that it’s hard to watch, I hear that from people a lot. ‘I can’t watch it, it’s too horrifying,’ or whatever. I don’t know, I think you have to strike a balance. I think this season became darker than anybody anticipated, just because of the subject areas that they laid out in the beginning, I mean, the thing with the ex-Nazi SS doctor and human experiments, and the serial killer based on this character Ed Gein. Yes, the warehousing of human beings in these institutions, madness, I mean, yes, there’s a lot of subjects that they’re covering, the Catholic Church, that lend themselves to great horror stories.”

On what is currently going on with her character of Sister Jude: “When it all becomes clear that everything was false, from the idea that she did not run over and kill this child, which is what sent her on this whole path, trying to find some kind of life, some redemption, some spiritual life, that when she discovers everything is false from the beginning, there’s a descent into madness that is completely different and for me much more interesting to play.”

On how she has so many young fans now because they’re discovering her for the first time on American Horror Story. “This is a greater audience probably than I’ve had for a long, long time, and it’s also the demographic is much younger, so that’s all good, I guess. I don’t know ultimately what that means, but yes, I’m glad people are looking at the work. I’m very grateful for that.”

On appearing in season three: “We haven’t really talked about it too much, and all that stuff is still under discussion. I think I will try it again, depending on what the story is and who the character is and all of that, so we’ll see what happens.”