Jessica Alba is back on the big screen as exotic dancer Nancy Callahan in "Sin City: A Dam to Kill For." She promoted the film at the Los Angeles premiere on Tuesday looking incredible in a strapless, electric blue dress.

At a recent junket she told MTV of her role in the new film: "I got a lot more action, I got to kick so much ass."

She added: "In the first 'Sin City,' the men are the leads and the characters that you follow. And in this one, you get to have a woman who's part of it, which is pretty cool."

The film, directed by Frank Miller, centers on the residents of Sin City. An ex-cop helps an abused ex-girlfriend, but he learns her motives may not be so innocent. An officer wakes up next to a bunch of dead bodies and doesn't remember what happened.  A gambler takes down the wrong person and must keep himself a live, and a revenge-seeking stripper sets her sights on a crooked senator.

The film also stars Josh Brolin, Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson, and Eva Green. It opens in theaters on Aug. 22.