Hollywood homewrecker Michelle "Bombshell" McGee posed for photographs with porn producer Violet Kowal outside Katsuya in Hollywood on Thursday night.

Not familiar with Violet Kowal? She's the 26 year old porn model who recently alleged that she had been involved in an abusive, three-month affair with actor/director Mel Gibson last year. Just another one of his many recent troubles.

Bombshell (as you should already know) is the tattooed topless model who Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James, bedded for 11 months while Bullock was away shooting "The Blind Side." Unfortunately nobody had Sandra's blind side to make sure Jesse kept it in his pants while she was away.

Prior to the meeting of the mistresses, Bombshell partied at the Hollywood hot-spot for the evening with a friend - another scantily clad, tattooed cleavage-bearing brunette who was left unidentified after the snaps had been taken.







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