"Jericho" returns tonight on CBS, 10 p.m. ET. When last we left our intrepid and resourceful post-apocalyptic mid-westerners, they were engaged in an all-out battle with the neighboring town of New Bern. Former mayor Johnston Greene (Gerald McRaney) had died a rather anticlimactic and needless death (as the most beloved character in the series he at least deserved to go out in a blaze of glory).

The tide had turned in favor of New Bern. But would those courageous Jericho folk simply surrender? Would they go quietly into the night? Never! They went back out there, Jake (Skeet Ulrich) yelled "Nuts!" and...CBS canceled the show. Fans rallied like never before, and the rest is history.

Now they're back as the post-apocalyptic series returns tonight. Remnants of the U.S. government do remain, as Jericho citizens and viewers alike discovered midway through season one. At that time, it was said that five different individuals in five different cities had declared themselves President. Seems like things have settled down slightly, and the United States has been divided into several new "countries." Jericho falls into the jurisdiction of the "Allied States of America." This "country" basically encompasses the western half of the country.

Allied States troops quickly intervene and end the conflict between Jericho and New Bern. Chief among them is new regular Colonel Hoffman (Esai Morales). The prospect of civil war between the fractured U.S. government looms, as does the threat from the mysterious sect responsible for all of the bombings. Robert Hawkins (Lennie James), who went undercover in order to infiltrate that sect, knows more than he has shared...and it is a good bet that he will disclose that info as the season goes on.

Season two of "Jericho" will be similar to season one in that it will blend together the soap opera-like interpersonal relationships with the much larger and more serious events that are occurring in the country at large. It is kind of nice to know that even after the end of the world as we know it, people still find the time to squabble about whom is sleeping with whom.

That being said, we can expect plenty of action and answers in season two. Key questions include: what are the motivations of the group that detonated the nukes? How were the new U.S. governments formed? Are they trustworthy? How will things change now that Jericho citizens will no longer be isolated from the world? And most importantly, did Skeet Ulrich learn to act since the conclusion of season one?

The fact that these seven episodes are airing at all is the result of a tough battle fought by the show's dedicated fan base. They wanted to see how the story would continue, and now they can. Who knows..if enough people watch, we might get a chance to see this alternate reality unfold for years to come.

Did you watch Jericho last year? Excited about season two? What do you think will happen? Comment below!

Story by Derek Krebs
Starpulse contributing writer