On tonight’s “Access Hollywood,” Jenny McCarthy talks to Maria Menounos about her relationship with Jim Carrey and reveals how she lost 60 pounds of baby weight. When asked about her relationship with Carrey after pictures of the two holding hands surfaced earlier this week, McCarthy said, "I'm so brutally honest and tell people everything about my personal life it's really hard not to. I'm turning over a new leaf, because I'm with someone who is very high profile ... he is an amazing person and that's all I have to say."

McCarthy shared with Menounos how she lost 60 pounds of baby weight. "I hired a fancy trainer and tried anorexia for five minutes and then ate because I was hungry. I tried all the Hollywood secrets and nothing was working." McCarthy told Menounos a conversation with her mother convinced her to try Weight Watchers, which has successfully helped her lose weight. McCarthy added, "I had 60 pounds to lose. With the rest of the moms trying to lose their baby fat, I became friends with them, traded recipes and lost three pounds a week and about seven months later I lost all the baby fat."

In McCarthy's latest book, “Life Laughs: The Naked Truth About Motherhood, Marriage, and Moving On,” the author admits she had plastic surgery and botox. She told Menounos, "I'm completely fine and all for plastic surgery if it makes you feel good. Someday, I'll be Joan Rivers with better bigger boobs. I don't want to look like a pulled piece of meat, but I do want to look fresh because, in our business, youthfulness is longevity."