Jennifer Morrison stars in the new fairy tale drama Once Upon a Time on ABC. She plays the long lost daughter of Snow White, living in modern day with the modern day counterparts to the fairy tale characters. To her, this is as intense as another popular magical series.

“The closest thing I can tell that it’s like is Harry Potter in the sense that it truly is a sense of good versus evil,” Morrison said. “Within this world of good versus evil and within a world of magic and spells and all these things, it’s all played for real so you really buy the relationships. When you’re watching Harry Potter, it’s real kids who have real relationships, that have real situations and they really are dealing with real magic. So it’s kind of presented in the same way where we’re asking everyone to accept that this is all for real. Then within that, you’re having these authentic relationships and you’re having authentic conflicts and you’re having all these authentic problems based on the rules of that mythology and that world, with the underpinning of good versus evil and which one is ultimately going to be more powerful in any moment.”

Emma (Morrison) was sent into modern times as a baby and grew up as an orphan. Her fairy tale family followed, but suffers from a curse that makes them forget their heritage too.

“Emma really is the throughline in the storytelling in terms of driving force getting from moment to moment. I was joking the other day, ‘My God, what did this town do before Emma got here?’ It’s like nobody deals with anything but Emma. Every time someone’s in trouble, here comes Emma. That’s kind of how she feels. She just feels like what is going on with you people? That’s part of the curse, that they’re not awakened to what’s going on around them so she’s coming in from the outside going, ‘How have you guys existed before I got there?’ This is crazy.”

You’ll see the fairy tales come out in modern day society, including a very scary evil queen. “There is some fun stuff coming up and they really do explore all these different fairy tales in a very fun way where they fill in a lot of the whys, all the missing pieces of these fairy tales. I kind of look at it like historical fiction. If fairy tales were history, it’s like historical fiction where they’re filling in the blanks in the ways that they imagine the blanks could be filled in.”

Once Upon a Time premieres October 23 at 8 p.m. on ABC.