Jennifer Lopez often dazzles fans with her style, but her latest fashion choice is a head-scratcher. The singer/actress attended the Versace show at Paris Fashion week wearing a sleek, strapless white gown with an unusual accessory - pants on one leg.

Lopez hung out with Donatella Versace as she posed for photographs wearing the unusual ensemble, which looks like a regular dress from the front and behind. However, the side view reveals that her left leg is swathed in a glittery fabric.

We have to give it up to JLo for being creative with her clothing, but we're not sure how we feel about this particular outfit.

Lopez sat in the front row of the Versace show alongside Donatella and posted several photos from the event on her Instagram account. She captioned one: "Me and my team. #parisfashionweek #VersaceCouture #frontrow #DreamBig."