Jennifer Aniston has denied she is trying to get married before ex-husband Brad Pitt. The 'Oceans 11' actor is already expecting a child with new love Angelina Jolie - while the 'Friends' beauty is dating her 'Break Up' co-star, Vince Vaughan. Aniston said: "That's a pretty funny one, that there's a race." However, the actress has been brutally honest about what she looks for in a partner.

She revealed: "First loyalty, honesty... then a good sense of humour." At the Hollywood premier of her new movie, 'Friends With Money', the divorcee did confirm rumors that she's considering leaving Los Angeles.

The star confessed: "I've thought about it a lot for a long time. This is not the most pleasurable place all the time. Because of all the bull... it's exhausting, it's silly.

"I love my job but there are times when you wish there was more privacy but this is what I've chosen to do with my life."

Meanwhile, Aniston admits she is desperate to have children in the next year. The stunning actress says she has always wanted a family and the sooner she can get started the better. She said: "I hope to be on the road to having a family in the next year. I've said this before, but I just like being in a partnership."