In the 2006 indie film Friends With Money, Jennifer Aniston played a moneyless maid who was surrounded by buds with bucks. But in real life, according to Star magazine, Jen is known to her poorer pals as a bountiful babe who spares no expense when it comes to footing the bill.

“Jennifer pays for everything all the time,” insider tells Star. “If she plans a vacation, you know she’s footing the bill for her entire entourage.”

“Jen’s assistant books it all,” the insider continues. “The planes, the cars, the hotels, the meals, the activities, the spa services, the clothes they wear on vacation, the cocktails – it’s so over the top! She’s like the sugar daddy everyone wishes they had, except she’s a woman! You could call her sugar mama!”

Among the girls who’ve enjoyed luxury getaways courtesy of their de-pocketed pal: Actress Andrea Bendewald, who’s been close to Jennifer for more than a decade; movie producer Kristin Hahn, who broke off her working relationship with Brad Pitt after he divorced Jen, and yoga instructor Mandy Ingber, who bonded with Jen this summer during private yoga sessions at Jen’s Malibu home. On August 11, she took her posse to the swanky Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, an hour north of L.A. The benevolent beauty also splashes out on Cartier watches and spends thousands on baby gifts for her mommy pals.

But is her open-pocket policy costing Jen her happiness? “Her friends really enjoy themselves, but I bet they’re afraid that she’ll find a serious boyfriend,” the insider says. “That means no more free trips for them – and that’s why they seem to be hard on her dates. I’m sure they were brutal with her last boyfriend, Paul Sculfor.”

-Jennifer Aniston Pictures