Former Friends star Jennifer Aniston keeps herself looking amazing for her age by eating healthy, so it's no surprise that a recent trip to McDonalds left her feeling awful on the inside.

The 44-year-old actress shared the details of a trip to the burger giant with fiance Justin Theroux in a recent issue of New York Magazine and described an occasion when the two were left with little choice but to dine where billions and billions of others have eaten.

"I'll never forget when Justin and I were on a road trip and we were so hungry. The only thing around was McDonald's. I think I ordered a Big Mac," she recalls. "Wow, my body did not react well to that! It was like putting gasoline in a purified system.

I am always trying to eat organic and natural foods, so that just made my stomach turn and made me feel terrible. And I think what you put in your body, as well as stress, is reflected in the quality of your skin."

Perhaps she should opt for one of the chain's less greasy and somewhat healthier offerings next time, like a yogurt parfait, salad or grilled chicken wrap.