Jennifer Aniston can't bear seeing photos of ex-husband Brad Pitt looking happy with new love Angelina Jolie. The former 'Friends' beauty avoids looking at snaps of the hunky actor playing happy families with his new girlfriend and her adopted children, Maddox and Zahara. She revealed: "I don't pay them any attention. It's poisonous."

But the stunning star insists she and Brad - who will become a dad for the first time when Angelina has their baby later this year - are still "good friends" and maintains their split was amicable.

She said: "The divorce was very peaceful. People imagine a war or a story from a soap opera, but it's not like that." Jennifer also says she's determined not to let the break up ruin her life, after watching divorce destroy her mother almost 30 years ago.

She explained: "My mother never let it go and wasted half her life. I vowed not to do that."

But the 'Derailed' actress admits she has thought about quitting Los Angeles for Chicago, to escape the intense interest in her private life. She told Spain's ABC magazine: "I like Chicago. The people leave me in peace."