"Courting Alex" is a new comedy series about Alex (Jenna Elfman), an attractive, single attorney, who has everything life has to offer ... except a life. Alex works alongside her father, Bill (Dabney Coleman), at his law firm, and while he is very proud of her, it pains him that his daughter is not married yet. If Bill had his way, Alex would settle down with her colleague, Stephen (Josh Stamberg), a star lawyer at their firm who is obviously smitten with Alex.

Julian (Hugh Bonneville), Alex's charming British neighbor, who makes his living as an artist, and Molly (Jillian Bach), her loyal and brutally honest assistant, are the two people she chooses to lean on for advice. However no amount of advice could prepare her for the unexpected feelings she's having for Scott (Josh Randall), an impulsive, renaissance man, who she recently met while trying to negotiate a deal involving his tavern. If Alex can put down her cell phone for long enough, her successes in love just might catch up to an already successful career.

In the premiere episode, Bill enlists Alex's help in convincing a tavern owner to sell his building in order to secure the plans of their law firm's biggest client to build a skyscraper on and around that spot. Things become complicated for the normally unstoppable and all-business Alex when Scott, the tavern's new free-spirited owner, repeatedly refuses the offer while earnestly attempting to woo the secretly smitten Alex.

"Courting Alex" kicks off Monday, Jan. 23, at 9:30 pm on CBS.