Ryan Lochte has his very own reality show coming out in April and a new teaser gives a glimpse into the life of the Olympic gold medalist.

First and foremost, Lochte's all-important catchphrase, "Jeah," is explained -- in detail -- by the swimmer in the new promo clip for "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?"

"If you say it like how it's spelled, it's 'jeah,' but that's boring -- no one wants to hear that," he says. "So you really have to put that enfidence on that 'J.'

"That 'j' and 'e', that's the key part. And then the 'ah' kinda just, flows," he adds.

The 11-time gold medalist, who has trouble keeping track of his winnings, gives viewers a look into his world of partying, dating, and training (so there's plenty of footage of Ryan in just his Speedo, ladies).

There's plenty going on in this clip (which Anderson Cooper watched and asked for "20 seconds" of his life back after viewing). Ryan shows off his shoes, his abs, his golf skills (he sucks), gets drunk, trains for an upcoming swim meet while hung over and, of course, tries to pick up pretty girls.

"What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" premieres on E! on Sunday, April 21 at 10pm.

Check it out...