If you Google "Jay-Z defends Beyonce'," up pops, "Jay-Z defends trip to Cuba," and "Jay-Z defends Gwyneth Paltrow."  A few days ago a strange man at Beyonce's concert in London slaps her on the derriere and her husband, once again, is silent. What kind of message is that sending?

In January of this year, Beyonce' was the subject of criticism when the media accused her of lip-syncing.  The controversy grew into such a bruhaha, the singer felt she had to performed the 'Star Spangled Banner' live at a press conference.  This was the first time her rapper husband was noticeably missing.  Why didn't he come to his wife's defense?  All the media outlets later put their own spin on her redemption performance--"She really showed them," and "She's a strong woman"--not pointing out that she gave in to the press as if she wanted their approval on her talent (that's what it looked like).  However, the bigger question, then, was, "Where was her big, strong, rapper husband?"

Four months later Jay-Z is no where on the scene, again.  A male member of Beyonce's audience smacks her on the rear-end and her husband doesn't send out an open letter, ripping that guy a new one?  Why does it appear that he is either totally unaware of how powerful a man's voice can be to the disrespectful, or he just doesn't care. 

For those of you who say, "Beyonce's a strong woman and maybe she didn't want her husband coming to her rescue," ask yourself, "What are husbands for?"  

A trip to Cuba and Gwyneth Paltrow (Jay-Z defended her on her use of the N-word last year) are worthy of a defense, but not his wife?  The message is not that ambiguous.  In fact, we may need only a couple more attacks on Beyonce' to understand that if a woman's husband does not value her enough to defend her, no matter how beautiful, talented and successful the woman is, or, in Beyonce's case, how married she is, none of that will matter to a man who doesn't value his wife.  

Do you think Beyonce' would be expected to stand by her man when he's attacked?  Should Jay-Z ever be in a similiar situation as his wife (being attacked by anyone) she will be there like a moma bear defending her cub.