I Love You, Man! Jason Segel hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend, and he brought some friends along with him - The Muppets and pal Paul Rudd. It was the latter who kissed him passionately during a sketch!

The long-running sketch features a family that takes public displays of affection to new levels. This time, the Kissing Family welcomed Jason home for the holidays with his new girlfriend. His gal-pal quickly realizes that this family isn't all that normal after Jason has make-out sessions with his mother, father, brother, and a homeless guy. However, when Paul Rudd shows up (he also was part of the sketch when he hosted), the fireworks go off! Watch below:

Jason was hosting Saturday Night Live in part due to his role on The Muppets Movie, so it wouldn't be fair if the titular crew wasn't there as well! They helped Jason sing a song about hosting the show: