Jason Biggs' wife Jenny Mollen bought the star a hooker for his 33rd birthday in May.

The "American Pie" star's spouse has written a blog for Playboy, revealing she wanted to treat Biggs and spice up their sex life by hiring a sex worker.

But she details one disastrous incident when the couple tried to hire a prostitute - only to realize the woman was a professional masseuse.

Mollen eventually found a legitimate hooker called Keisha, and she's detailed the experience online.

She writes in Playboy column The Smoking Jacket, "The chick was wearing five-inch heels and had t**s that seriously could have knocked anybody under six feet tall unconscious. There was no way she was passing for anything other than maybe Barbarella. In other words, she was hot. I took my cues from the previous day's disaster and cut to the chase.

"'We want you to go down on him for six hundred bucks,' I proclaimed. Keisha, being the professional that she was, didn't bat an eye."

And Biggs is proud of his wife's article - in a message on Twitter alongside a link to the blog, which is entitled "Jenny and her husband get a whore", he writes, "My wife is in Playboy. Hot."