Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class is finally underway and as I reported a few weeks back, January Jones was signed on to portray the White Queen, Emma Frost.  Well low and behold, we have some set pictures of Jones in full costume shooting some scenes and from what I can see here, her look definitely has me skeptical.  It looks like she’s wearing a hefty bag with a funny Russian ushanka sitting atop her pretty head and maybe that's why she has a sour look on her face.  Or maybe it's because she looks like a human Q-Tip.

I know Vaughn went with home-made looking costumes for Kick-Ass, but this is a completely different animal and people have certain expectations when you tackle a property that has a multi generational fan base.  Hopefully this get up isn’t what she’s wearing for the majority of the movie because I think we’re all hoping for a more form fitting and sexy look for Frost, which is justified because that’s how she looks in the comics.  Maybe this will look much better on film, where they can play with effects and tweak what they need to.  Maybe these pics take place before she discovers her powers and it is just setting up her back story?  All I know is that these images are not instilling much faith and I’m eagerly awaiting more information to quell my fears. 

What do you guys think?