Movie legend Jane Fonda has pledged to reveal all about the backstage goings-on at her new play in a series of regular blogs.

The actress is reprising her Broadway role in Moises Kaufman's 33 Variations when the play comes to Los Angeles at the end of January - and Fonda is planning to lift the curtain on the theater world by blogging about her experiences.

The 73 year old started blogging regularly in early 2009 when she hit the stage in 33 Variations at the Eugene O'Neill theater in New York, and now she's excited about writing an online journal again.

In a post to fans on her blog, she writes, "I intend to do as I did while in the play in NY... blog every day about the experience.

"I have never done theater here and I am very excited to rejoin the cast... This is also the first time (I) have done a play for the 2nd time and I am curious to see what will be new, what discoveries I will make having had 2 more years of growing up."

In the play, Fonda plays a terminally ill musicologist. She received a Tony nomination for her performance on Broadway.