An interviewer got a less-than-serious answer to his question about Jake Gyllenhaal's workout regimen for Prince of Persia.

Jake said: "A daily rigorous exercise of bathing 3-4 times a day. So shampooing and conditioning, not a 2-in-1, shampooing AND conditioning. That is a secret not many people know about!"

"First shampoo, which really works the biceps. And then the triceps you work with conditioning. At least 3-to-5 minutes, with each one, and at least 3-to-5 times a day. And then when you bathe, bathe vigorously - really works the abs, if you keep them isometrically clenched."

"All of it was in the shower. My diet was shower water, a little bit of soap." Perhaps not what you expect when you land an interview with the star of a movie, but it's more interesting than a straight answer detailing pushups. If Jerry Bruckheimer has his way, Jake could be spending a lot of time in the shower preparing for a multi-film series.

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