Jake Gyllenhaal was once arrested for stealing a pair of Speedos. The handsome actor, who is dating Kirsten Dunst, has confessed he got in trouble with the police after he pilfered the skimpy swimming trunks from a store in trendy Hollywood shopping mall the Beverly Center.

He admitted: "A friend of mine dared me to do it." It seems Jake is prone to getting into trouble - last week, he confessed how he got so angry about chipping a tooth on the set of his latest movie he beat up one of his co-stars.

The Donnie Darko star revealed he turned violent after losing his temper while filming Gulf War drama Jarhead. Jake even admits it took a whole month before his unfortunate victim, who he does not name, forgave him for lashing out. He revealed to Canada's Calgary Sun newspaper: "For some reason, I just got so angry that I had chipped my tooth, and just started hitting him and we didn't talk for a month after that."

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