DOA: Dead Or Alive is based on the best selling "Dead or Alive" videogame franchise where the women "have the looks…that kill." An all out action-packed extreme combat film about a secret invitational-only martial arts tournament where the world's best fighters participate in a contest to win the ultimate fighting championship, DOA: Dead Or Alive centers around four hot female fighting machines who begin as competitive rivals, but subsequently find themselves teaming up with one another against a much more sinister force.

Tina (Jaime Pressly), Christie (Holly Valance), Kasumi (Devon Aoki) and Helena (Sarah Carter) are four skilled martial artists whose outwardly sexy appearances betray their true, lethal natures. When the fearsome females each receive an invitation to take part in an illegal martial arts competition, the prospect of a ten-million-dollar top prize is only sweetened by the fact that they will be facing off against some of the toughest fighters on the planet. The girls check their inhibitions at the beach and prepare for a series of fights that will test not only their strength, stamina, and endurance, but the very foundation of their dedication to the martial arts as well.

Special Features:
· Deleted Scenes
· East Meets West: Behind The Action Of DOA featurette