These days, a big opening weekend box office just isn’t enough for a movie. VOD is now a viable distribution model and YouTube is making people famous. Someone in Hollywood had to pioneer a new way of releasing movies, and who better than the Jackass gang? Their latest, Jackass 3.5, is releasing on

“I like the idea of it being a digital release,” director Jeff Tremaine said. “I think it brings a lot of energy to it. This movie was never intended to be theatrical.” is releasing Jackass 3.5 in short segments, with new stunts available each Tuesday and Friday. “We intended to release it online and come out on DVD later,” Jackass founder Johnny Knoxville said.

The “one stunt at a time” approach complements the artistic integrity of a Jackass film. “I like the way this one’s coming out,” Tremaine said. “We did 2.5. Right after #2 came out we did 2.5 as a digital release but we put it all out at once and I don't think that’s the best way to use the internet. I think people’s attention spans work best in little two minute windows. So we’ve broken it all out into individual webisodes. It makes sense for how I think you view Jackass to just watch it in little segments like that. I think we’re a really natural release to come out digitally just because the format of Jackass works so well with it.”

When the crew shot Jackass 3-D, there were so many hilarious stunts that couldn’t make it into the final cut. They make Jackass 3.5 a high quality release, not just leftovers.

“We don’t shoot throwaway stuff,” Tremaine said. “We put our heart and effort and these guys put a lot of blood on the floor to get this stuff so we use every bit of the buffalo.”

Jackass 3.5 also includes a lot of failed stunts, which can be funnier than the successes. In between, the gang filmed interviews to explain what was going on.

“One of the things that makes 3.5 different is the explanations for why it wasn’t in the movie when it goes to all the guys,” Chris Pontius said. “Even when something’s a failure, it’s still funny because of that.”

The interviews themselves are full of jokes. In one segment, Bam Margera finds himself sitting on a faulty chair. “When we’re Bam and Dunn are getting interviewed in England and Bam’s chair slowly breaks down during the interview,” Knoxville said. “Little unexpected things like that [made me laugh.]”

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