Jack Osbourne married Lisa Stelly during a family vacation in Hawaii earlier this month, and while on the island state he also helped save a woman who came close to drowning.

Just days after his wedding, Jack was one of many people who helped assist a woman by performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In response to critics who were "oddly hostile and rather rude" in regards to what actually transpired, the reality star posted his recollection of the events on Facebook.

He wrote, "On 10/8/12, I was approached by a family member telling me he had just seen a woman being pulled out of the water who'd drowned. I grabbed my friend Tyler who was a former Army operator and went to see if we could be of assistance... I was a police reserve for five years and have had a lot of training in CPR and as a first responder... When Tyler and I arrived on the scene, the woman was not conscious and had approximately five people assisting in an attempt to resuscitate her... Once the woman was placed on the spine board, Tyler and I assisted in lifting her onto the cart. Once she was loaded, everyone who had initially helped backed off. Tyler, myself, and another woman all got onto the cart with her. The cart took off towards the front of the hotel... and Tyler and I began administering chest compressions... Once we arrived, we waited for the EMT for approximately 4-6 minutes. During that time, I continued to administer chest compressions. As soon as the EMTs arrived, I backed away and let them take over."
Osbourne insists he does not deserve sole credit for the rescue operation, and praises all the other good Samaritans who did their bit to help.
He adds, "I never said I was the sole contributor in the rescue... The last thing I want to do is take all of the credit when in fact there were a few people who helped save her life. From what I've heard, she's doing better and is now awake. I hope she has a speedy recovery."