Beginning today, ABC will make three previously unaired episodes of the series Night Stalker available for purchase for $1.99 per episode on the iTunes Music Store. These episodes join seven other previously released "Night Stalker" installments on iTunes.

In the series, Stuart Townsend played maverick journalist Carl Kolchak, whose mission in life was to alert the world of various and sundry paranormal, supernatural, and extraterrestrial activities -- only to be made the fool each week when evidence substantiating his stories of ghost, monsters, spacemen, etc. mysteriously disappeared. Kolchak verbally sparred with his erstwhile partner, doubting reporter Perri Reed (Gabrielle Union).

The three newly released "Night Stalker" episodes are:

* "Into Night" -- When two office workers toiling late into the night are found dead the next morning, their bodies mummified, the police attempt to explain the strange deaths away, while Kolchak tries to find out who - or what - killed them before it happens again.

* "Timeless" -- Kolchak and Reed are perplexed when they cover a bizarre murder that appears to mirror similar deaths that have occurred every 35 years since the paper was founded.

* "What's the Frequency, Kolchak?" -- Kolchak is kidnapped by a demented man (guest star Paul Krieger) who claims the reporter has been sending him "hidden" messages via his newspaper stories . . . and that they were both institutionalized together at the same mental hospital. While trying to find a way to free himself, Kolchak discovers his tormentor seems to be responsible for a series of sudden disappearances that may have ended in murder.

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