When we left off last week, Michael (Wentworth Miller) had finally gotten his hands on Scylla but ended up tripping a silent alarm in the process. As he sat the staring at the machine in awe, The General (Leon Russom) was making his way down with several armed men in tow. So how did Michael work his way out of that one? There's that and so much more today, on "Prison Break: The Recap!" Roll Credits.

The General Gets Outgeneraled

Last week, Michael seemed awfully foolish as he just sat there, mesmerized by Scylla, completely unaware of the fact that he had tripped a silent alarm and The General was on his way. The General (after a quite lengthy trip on his "express" elevator) enters the room smugly, thinking that he has finally caught our elusive heroes. The smugness doesn't last too long as he is quickly ambushed by Lincoln (Dominic Purcell), Mahone (William Fichtner) and Sucre (Amaury Nolasco). It seems like Michael deserves a little bit of credit here. It had been his plan all along to feign stupidity in hopes of drawing The General into a trap, subsequently relieving the Big G of his keycard. Well played Scofield.

After removing Scylla from the high tech safe, Michael decides to take the party upstairs via the elevator as opposed to going back through T-Bag's Gate office. This is bad news for T-Bag (Robert Knepper) and Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe), who are waiting patiently (or not so patiently, but we'll get to that in a minute) for the gang to emerge with Scylla.

The General tries to play mind games, telling them that they will never get out of the building alive, and that if they cooperate with him, he will give them whatever they want. Michael responds by presenting The General with a little incentive to help them escape. It seems that Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies), who spent most of the past episode sitting on a park bench while everyone else played "Mission: Impossible," had actually been doing something useful. She ambushed The General's female cohort and fellow cardholder (who has seen her screen time drastically increase in the last few weeks, precisely for this reason). Why would holding her at gunpoint have any effect on the G-Man? The answer to that question becomes apparent when she is revealed to be his daughter.

One actually has to feel kind of bad for The General in this episode. Every step of the way he has gotten outsmarted, and just when he tries a new tactic or thinks that he has caught Michael making a mistake, he is proven wrong. Nothing he tries works, and he is left humiliated and anxious, worrying that his life's work is about to be flushed down the drain. The General's sentiments are perfectly summed up in a scene that takes place after the gang had eluded The Company's clutches and delivered Scylla to Agent Self (Michael Rapaport). He is sitting at his desk, frustrated and stunned as one of his men asks for his orders. The General, the man with all of the answers, looks up sadly and says quietly, "I don't know." Almost makes you feel sorry for the sociopathic pedophile.

Michael Rapaport Shoots People (Part I)

So what about Agent Self and the Gate Secretary (who is actually another federal agent)? Last we saw, they had been set up by T-Bag and Gretchen and were being held at gunpoint by Feng, the potential Scylla buyer. They start doing the old "fake arguing to distract the bad guys" routine, which works surprisingly well. Self is able to free them from their handcuffs in the commotion, and proceeds to kill several of the captors, with The Secretary killing Feng. Self then sends The Secretary back to the Gate offices while he goes to get Scylla from Michael.

Gretchen + Automatic Weapons = Scary

So what about Gretchy and The Bagster? They are at Gate, waiting patiently for Scylla. Mr. White enters and introduces himself to Gretchen, who then proceeds to blow T-Bag's cover. White sees one of the guns stowed underneath T-Bag's death, and becomes concerned (but only slightly, after all what better way to escape from the captivity of negativity than with large weaponry?). Gretchen decides to not take any chances and takes the entire office hostage. T-Bag protests her decision, but ultimately has no other choice but to follow her lead. Folks, it's pretty scary when T-Bag, of all people, is the voice of reason.

The Secretary returns to Gate, and a shootout ensues. Gretchen goes ballistic, shooting up the place, and kills poor Mr. White as he tries to make a run for it. She and T-Bag then make a run for it, heading down to the parking garage, where she tells T-Bag to ditch his weapon so that they won't arouse suspicion. As soon as he complies she puts a gun to his head, telling him that she has to tie up some loose ends. Apparently Gretchen still needs to learn a thing or two about burning bridges.

Luckily for T-Bag, The Secretary interrupts and Gretchen flees. T-Bag tries to run away as well, but he is caught and handcuffed for the 4,567th time in the series. Is the 4,567th time the charm?

Michael Rapaport Shoots People (Part II)

Michael and the gang deliver Scylla safely to Self, who is overjoyed. He hands Michael an envelope which he says contains their papers, and then tells them that an agent will be arriving soon to take them in for processing. In addition, an ambulance will come for Michael, whose head is still about to explode. He then tells them that they are free and drives away. Subdued celebration ensues. Could this be the end of the long journey? Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, Mahone and Sarah sure seem to think so. Sorry guys, but ultimate resolution does not come in the 12th episode of the season. Don't you know anything about TV?

After sitting in the warehouse for a while, Sarah becomes concerned because the ambulance for Michael hasn't come yet, and the others soon realize that something odd is going on. Michael tries to call Self, and receives an automated message saying that the number had been disconnected. He opens up the envelope which contains their "papers." It is certainly full of papers, however they are blank. Michael Scofield, you've been Punk'd!

The suddenly suspicious Self meets with The Secretary, and shows her Scylla. She is overjoyed that they accomplished their goal. He then tries to get some more information from her, asking about any other potential Scylla buyers. She does not know of any. Self offers an odd apology, pulls out a gun, and kills her, as a horrified T-Bag looks on from the car. Apparently Self wasn't in this for the good of the nation after all. It is a shocking plot twist for sure, although the surprise was somewhat compromised by the fact that the "info" for the episode on my cable provider states "someone betrays the gang…" It doesn't take a master sleuth to figure out who that will be, especially when the title of the episode is "Selfless." Oh well, it was still pretty cool.

The General's downfall was swift and brutal. Do you think he will regroup and get back into the game? Is Self simply after money, or does he have another motive? What will become of T-Bag now that he is in Self's clutches? Leave a comment!

Story by Derek Krebs

Starpulse contributing writer