This week on “Dancing with the Stars” all of the performances were Latin dances and multi Latin Grammy Award winner Juanes performed live in the Ballroom.

The seven remaining couples face a bigger challenge this week when they must learn four dances and perform two of them when the couples will perform a dance off. The top scoring couple will receive immunity from the dance off and elimination on results night. Not knowing which dance they will have the couples must learn a Cha Cha, Rumba, and a Jive in addition to their solo performance.

First up was Jacoby and Karina with a Salsa that the judges loved and were called fabulous and first rate. Jacoby and Karina scored 27 points for their Salsa.

Ingo and Kym performed a Rumba as Ingo channeled the romantic tendencies of his alter ego Jax in a performance the judges said lacked fluidity and a connection but had lots of content. Ingo and Kym scored 22 points for their Rumba.

Rehearsing around a tour schedule Kellie and Derek performed a Samba the judges called brilliant, out of this world and had perfect balance. Kellie and Derek scored 29 points for their Samba.

Andy and Sharna re-imagined the classic dance from Gene Kelly and Cyd Charise for their Rumba; but while the judges thought the performance was entertaining said that the dance lacked musicality and hip action. Andy and Sharna earned the lowest score or the night with 17 points.

An ailing Mark joined with Aly for a Salsa that the judges loved; saying Aly nailed it and was fantastic. Aly and Mark scored 29 points on their Salsa.

With the Rumba this week Sean and Peta enlisted Sean's fiancee Catherine to help with the romantic side of the dance. The judges noted that Sean had been listening to their comments and did a much better job with his dance. Sean and Peta scored 24 points for their Rumba.

Zendaya and Valentin ended round one with a Paso Doble that the judges said had plenty of attack, was powerful, had aggression, and had beautiful lines. Zendaya and Valentin scored 27 points for their Paso Doble.

After round one the scores were...
Andy and Sharna - 17
Ingo and Kym – 22
Sean and Peta - 24
Jacoby and Karina – 27
Zendaya and Valentin - 27
Kellie and Derek – 29
Aly and Mark – 29

Juanes performed a medley of his hit songs as the dancers prepared for the dance of round.

In the dance off Aly and Mark chose Andy and Sharna who picked the Cha Cha. Aly and Mark won the round in a unanimous decision.

Zendaya and Valentin chose to dance against Jacoby and Karina who chose the Jive. Zendaya and Valentin won the round in a unanimous decision.

That left Rumba dancers Ingo and Kym and Sean and Peta to perform the remaining dance – a Rumba. Ingo and Kym won by a two to one vote.

The winning couples earned three extra points that was added to their scores.

Final scores...
Andy and Sharna – 17
Sean and Peta – 24
Ingo and Kym - 25
Jacoby and Karina - 27
Kellie and Derek – 29
Zendaya and Valentin - 30
Aly and Mark – 32