If a house listing and recent reports are anything to go by, it appears Robin Thicke is finally throwing in the towel to get back with his estranged wife Paula Patton.

Variety reported earlier this week the pair's giant, 3,158 square foot home was listed for $2.9 million and change. Robin's father and TV star Alan Thicke bought the property back in 1990 for just under $1 million.

Many took the listing as the sign the two were going to make their split official, although it could also be preparation for Robin's lower income. The singer's recent album Paula, named after Patton, has flopped around the world (with hilariously-low figures coming from the UK and Australia).

Now TMZ reports that a split is indeed the reason, as Robin has been telling friends and family it's a given the two will divorce – but he won't make the first move and will wait for Paula to file the legal papers.

Thicke previously surprised us with the fact that he hadn't seen Paula in several months, despite his multiple public attempts to get back in her good graces.