Wow, "House MD" officially celebrated its 100th episode this week, and that is a number to be proud of. Congratulations to the cast and crew for keeping this one of the best shows on TV, even if the fans grumble about a few things here and there. Will everyone still love the cranky drug addled doctor in another 100 episodes? Hopefully we'll find out!

The 100th episode, "The Greater Good," did not include Cameron and Chase, which is slightly insulting to them, and focused way too much on Foreteen. What else is new? The patient of the week is a former cancer researcher who quit her job to be a chef. She insists that medicine never made her happy, and she almost died during a surgery months before, so she decided to change her profession. It seems she was close to a possible breakthrough before doing that, which means most of the characters are righteously annoyed at her. It looks like karma is getting retribution on her selfish (but perhaps healthy?) decision. She is bleeding from every possible orifice and dying slowly. Wilson in particular shows up to argue with her over her decision, but ends up apologizing like the softie he is. It turns out he hasn't changed a thing in Amber's apartment since she died, and that includes leaving a dirty mug out. The cancer researcher gives him the advice he needs to finally give up the ghost and clean out the mug, and metaphorically his life, from that tragedy.

There is a second patient of the week named Remy, but everyone knows her as Thirteen, the new protagonist of "House, MD." Her relationship with Foreman seems to be solid, despite it only being two weeks and them having absolutely no chemistry, but there are a few side effects from his career-breaking decision to switch her meds last week. She starts growing tumors in her brain and can't see. House persuades her not to make Foreman confess, because it will ruin his career. Thirteen freaks out a little that her very new boyfriend is already obsessed with her enough to risk everything, but apparently once the tumors clear up it doesn't matter because they're in looooove. Foreman does confess, but he gets barely a slap on the wrist and told not to join any other trials. Ooookay. Lots of drama over something that didn't even happen. Remember when Chase accidentally caused the death of a patient because his father died and he was upset? Yeah, he got in a lot more trouble than that other time Foreman killed a patient, or this time too. Poor Chase.

Taub starts to consider that he wants children in his life after meeting the wise patient, but his wife is not having any of that. Cuddy decides to torment House because she misses her baby and blames him. It's always fun to see people treat House as he treats them, but because they have souls, they feel bad about it after awhile. Cuddy apologizes, and House seems very awkward as he tries to insult her and run off. Aw, he likes her. You can tell because he acts like a five year old. The patient does end up living to cook another day and not save thousands of people with a cancer cure. Apparently it is all thanks to her menstrual cycle. It is dangerous being a woman on "House, MD."

Overall a pretty average episode, but the 100th episode does not always have to be a big drama. It seems a little more fitting to just go with the normal formula that has worked so well the past five seasons. "House, MD" is on Fox Monday's at 8 PM EST.

House cast: Hugh Laurie / Lisa Edelstein / Omar Epps / Robert Sean Leonard / Jennifer Morrison / Jesse Spencer / Peter Jacobson / Kal Penn / Anne Dudek / Olivia Wilde / Edi Gathegi

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer