Against all odds, Sunny managed to get through four whole seasons with no interventions (unless you count Charlie's molestation intervention), but last night it finally happened. The gang intervened all over Frank.

Everyone knew that Frank's behavior had gotten progressively crazier over the years, but when he got drunk (on boxed wine that he brilliantly poured into a soda can for easier drinking) and took the gang to a "party" that actually turned out to be his brother-in-law's funeral, they knew that something had to be done.

Proving that he was even more messed up than the gang originally thought, Frank revealed that the only reason he was going to the funeral was to try to have sex with his dead wife Barbara's sister, Donna (Nora Dunn). Somehow, Donna resisted Frank's proposition of revenge sex against their respective dead spouses, which Mac took as an opportunity to swoop in and awkwardly flirt with her. (Clearly, she reminded him of Barbara, who was "the best sex he ever had.")

During all this, Dennis and Dee were telling Charlie about their "Garbage Pail cousin," Gail "The Snail" (Mary Lynn Rajskub), who had a habit of glomming on to them until they were forced to literally throw salt on her. Charlie thought that sounded pretty mean until he met The Snail - and he was ready to salt her himself after enduring only a few minutes of her overactive salivary glands and general creepiness.

Season 5 Episode "The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention." © Patrick McElhenney / FX

After the funeral, Charlie went with Dennis and Dee to see an intervention specialist, hoping that she could keep Frank from "banging their aunt." Turned out, they weren't nearly as concerned about his drinking - in fact, Charlie was more upset that Frank had been drinking without him, and Dee praised Frank as a "smart man" for giving her the wine-in-a-can idea. The interventionist offered to do a much-needed group therapy session, which the gang promptly turned down.

Meanwhile, Frank and Mac headed for Donna's house, as Frank was still determined to get his sis-in-law in the sack. Mac, wanting Donna for himself, tried to convince Frank that sleeping with his niece, The Snail, instead would be much more depraved and vengeful. Frank pondered, belched, and foamed at the mouth.

Back at the bar, Dennis, finally on the wine-in-a-can train, decided to get the intervention ball rolling by having everyone write letters to Frank. Since he's never been friends with words, Charlie had to dictate his letter to Dennis, who was intrigued by Charlie's complaint that he and Frank "never play Nightcrawlers anymore," a game that turned out to be exactly what it sounded like - Frank and Charlie crawling around at night like worms. (Even though it's probably a case of hepatitis waiting to happen, I would so love to just spend one day hanging out at Charlie and Frank's place.)

The next day, Mac broke into Donna's house to make breakfast. (Isn't he romantic?) He soon discovered that Frank at least partially took his advice by spending the night with The Snail, although they just "drank a bunch of energy drinks and dry humped." When Donna woke up, she kicked Frank and Mac out of the house, and The Snail glommed on to Mac, after deciding that he would be her new boyfriend.

Season 5 Episode "The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention." © Patrick McElhenney / FX

At Paddy's, Charlie, Dennis and Dee prepared for the intervention by getting loaded on canned wine. Shortly after the interventionist showed up (who was confused as to why they were having an intervention at a bar), Frank arrived and was immediately attacked and thrown in a chair. Thinking that the gang had set up a "roast" for him, he was excited until the interventionist explained why they were there. ("She ain't funny. Next!") To Frank's delight, Dennis and Dee screamed and called him names, and Charlie finally got him to agree to start playing Nightcrawlers again.

Mac eventually showed up with Gail, causing the gang to switch the intervention's focus to getting rid of The Snail. Since she refused to leave peacefully, Charlie had no choice but to salt her. He didn't feel good about it, but it had to be done.

In the end, everyone was happy with how the intervention turned out (except for the interventionist, who didn't even get paid), and celebrated with several cans of wine.

After the blatant Dave & Buster's promotion last week, it was kind of funny that this week's episode featured plenty of "Cola" cans that looked exactly like Diet Coke cans. I also loved that everyone was drinking Zuko wine. I'm not sure if that's a real brand or if the writers and prop masters are just big "Grease" fans.

Even though this episode was a little more Frank-centric than I usually like, it was still pretty solid. The running gag that had each member of the gang eventually adopting the wine-in-a-can (and the stained lips and teeth that went along with it) really brought everything together, and the interventionist's stunned yet stoic reactions to the gang's madness were hilarious. And Charlie…oh, my dear Charlie. He had some brilliant moments and the best line of the night: "Illiteracy…what does that word even mean?"

Grade: B

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