In my recap of the 5th season finale of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," I mentioned that, because it was such a stellar episode, I would probably be "sitting in a corner rocking back and forth, suffering from post-Sunny depression." And while that's not entirely true, I definitely spent a good portion of the interim watching the past seasons' DVDs and eagerly awaiting the Season 6 premiere. Unfortunately, this Sunny season has started off on a cloudy note.

As many of the episodes do, "Mac Fights Gay Marriage," takes on a hot-button issue and explores how different members of the gang respond to it. However, in this case, the set-up is pretty weak. During a trip to the gym, Mac runs into his ex-tranny, Carmen, whom he discovers really IS an ex-tranny. That's no tuck job going on under her spandex leggings—she finally had her penis removed. Mac is upset that Carmen never called him once she became all woman, and is even further disturbed to discover that Carmen has married a very large man. (A "soft body," not a "hard body" like him.)

Because he can't admit that he's jealous, he decides that, since Carmen was born a man, she has entered into a gay marriage—a big-time sin to the guy who once thought of becoming a priest. Mac's incoherent rambling to the gang about why gay marriage is wrong, punctuated by a visual "extension cord argument," is one of the few high points of the episode.

After Mac storms out to go look for facts to support his argument ("Where's our goddamn Bible?"), Dennis starts to wonder why he isn't married yet. (Uh, maybe because of a little thing called The D.E.N.N.I.S. System?) He waxes poetic about his 10th grade girlfriend, Maureen Ponderosa, whom Charlie only remembers as a girl with "the dead tooth." Dee recalls Maureen's brother, Bill, who was so hot back in their high school days, that just the thought of him used to make her gag reflex kick in. Dennis and Dee set up a meeting with Maureen and Bill at Subway (where all great love stories are born), where Dee discovers that Bill is not only married, but has also let himself go. They each depart, leaving Dennis and Maureen alone to awkwardly try to recapture their sophomore year spark.

While all this is going on, Charlie pulls his back out. When Frank's attempts to crack Charlie's back end in them both being injured, Charlie decides that they should try a domestic partnership, so that Charlie can get on Frank's medical insurance. Frank can't figure out how their "marriage" would benefit him, and it turns out that he's just worried that one of them would have to be "the woman." When Charlie (with the begrudging help of Carmen) explains that they would just be "two dudes getting married," Frank decides it's OK because "that doesn't seem very gay."

When Charlie and Frank go to the courthouse, they discover Dennis, who's impulsively married Maureen Ponderosa. (She must have been thrilled to get to change her last name.) Dennis and his new bride return to his apartment, and he pretty much throws his roommate Mac out on the street. In search of a new home, Mac heads to Dee's apartment, where he finds her entertaining a new bedmate: Bill Ponderosa.

In the meantime, Dennis tries to adjust to married life, which isn't as easy as he'd hoped. He's horrified to find that his wife actually wants him to stay home and spend time with her, not to mention that she has a fondness for bedazzled cat sweatshirts. But of course the grim reality of his giant mistake truly hits home when Maureen smiles lovingly, revealing that dead tooth.

Grade: D

While it pains me to give a Sunny-D, I absolutely have to because this is clearly the worst episode of the entire series. Hopefully, it stays that way. I'm not too worried. Every great show is entitled to a miss or two. So, I'm looking forward to the rest of Season 6, which will feature Dennis getting divorced, Dee getting pregnant and a guest appearance by America's new crush, Jason Sudeikis.