Charmaine and Kate ask Tara why she hasn’t told Max about her new alter, Bryce. Bryce may be only 14, but he’s a homicidal maniac who’s been killing off the other alters, and tried to kill Dr. Hattaras through his allergy to seafood. Tara’s packed up all traces of Bryce, including the clothing of the ‘murdered’ alters, while taking heavy doses of her medication. Since Bryce has been forcing Tara to throw up the pills she’s swallowed, Tara is now snorting her meds. She doesn’t want to spoil Max’s trip, and has decided she’ll wait for his return, and his help in dealing with Bryce.

Kate fills Evan in on the latest misadventures in her family. He’s taken aback as she gives him too much information about Tara’s alters, but insists he can handle it. Later, Kate corners Evan in the airplane bathroom, and he apologizes for bringing his hyperactive son into their relationship. She says her own family are pretty hard to handle. Evan wants to redefine their relationship, make it more casual. In fact, should they date other people? Kate realizes that Evan wants to break up.

At home, Tara notices a tension between Max and Marshall. Max is infatuated with New York, and is still trying to process his father’s reaction to his film. Max tells Tara he’ll tell her about it later, but Tara needs to talk to Max now about her new alter. Max is upset to hear about Bryce.

Charmaine and Neil reconnect after his work stay in Texas. Neil is ecstatic to hold his daughter, and to hear all about her new facial expressions.

As Marshall regales his classmates with tales of his adventures in New York, the principal arrives to tell his teacher that they lost one of their students last night. As Mr. Kern fumbles through a story about tractor accidents, the principal steps forward and says that Lionel Train was killed in a car accident the night before. (really? Lionel Train? That’s his name?)

Max is called to bring Marshall home from school. Tara’s stuck to the couch, barely able to talk from her medication. She's upset that she can’t be of help while medicated, but Marshall rudely says, "It doesn't matter. It really doesn't. I get her or I get Alice and a peach cobbler. What's the difference?"

Kate races home to comfort Marshall, but he tells her to go to work, he’ll be okay. Kate says she’s really sorry about Lionel – he’ll always be her second best gay. Nothing will make Marshall smile. Kate says she’ll be there for him.

Next door, Neil is changing the baby’s diaper when Max pops by. Max says the family is more focused on Marshall’s heartbreak than Tara’s new alter.

As Tara prepares to sniff up another dose of medication, Max asks her to check on Marshall. She abandons the  medication, and heads for Marshall’s room. She’s found a picture of Marshall and Lionel together from the summer, and she reminds him of the fun they had together. Tara says they may not have been soul mates, but she liked watching Lionel watching him, seeing Marshall as she saw him. She wants to be there for Marshall, at the funeral, or at home if that’s where he wants her.

As the family get ready to leave for Lionel’s funeral, Tara comes down the stairs as Bryce, and tells them to go put the ‘fun back in funeral.’ With the family out of the house, Bryce takes over, destroying Marshall’s room and possessions. When the family return from the ‘tasteful but flamboyant’ funeral, they talk positively about Lionel, and then laugh over the newspaper headline proclaiming, “Local Student Train Killed In Crash.” Clearly Marshall is shaken over his loss, but he gamely tries to hide his pain. Bryce swans into the room, putting a pall on the moment, and insinuating that he’s had sex with Kate’s pink teddy bear. He also pulls out a letter he found in Marshall’s room, from Lionel, which he reads mockingly aloud.

Kate says, “Mom, leave him alone.” But Marshall says, Tara’s not in there, but she let this happen, because no one can have bigger problems than her. Bryce agrees that Tara is the worst. Max tells Bryce that it’s been fun, but he’s calling Hatteras – Bryce is outta here. Charmaine has to tell Max that Hatteras isn’t seeing Tara anymore, since she tried to poison him. Max wants to know who’s looking after Tara. Bryce makes matters worse when he tells Neil about kidnapping the baby while Neil was away. Hatteras had helped Tara conceal that little jaunt from Charmaine as well. Neil launches himself at Bryce, but Max holds him back. But when Marshall asks Max who he’s protecting from Neil, Max realizes that Bryce is not Tara, and tells Bryce to stay away from his family – leave them alone.

While Marshall tries to clean up his vandalized room, Kate and Marshall talk about Tara’s inability to cope, which means that Tara can’t help her children cope either. Kate realizes that, no matter how much they want to leave the home, they keep coming back. Next door, Neil tells Charmaine that she’s not to have any further contact with Tara. He’s putting his girls first. Tara’s not okay, and may never be okay.  Kate rushes to fly home with Evan, on her day off. She’s decided to stop making her mother her problem – she’d rather have Evan as her problem. They kiss and make up.

In the basement, Marshall tearfully watches a tape of himself and Lionel, talking about where they’ll be in ten years.  Max comes down the stairs to talk to Marshall. Marshall tells Max that he can’t stay in the home any longer. Max accepts Marshall’s decision, but asks Marshall to keep his enthusiasm and innocence for as long as he can. To the sounds of things being broken upstairs, Max says Tara isn’t Marshall’s problem anymore, and hugs him, asking him to call when he gets wherever he’s going.

Upstairs, Bryce is bouncing a ball against a wall, and challenges Max to try and stop him. When he asks Bryce when Tara is coming back, Bryce says, “don’t you get it? She’s not.” and cuts off Tara’s long braid, throwing it in Max’s face.

Just two episodes to go! Will the surviving alters save Tara from Bryce?