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U2 announces tour; check out the virtual stage setup. This is going to be awesome. -

We got your money! Gonna spend your money! Gonna print some more money! - Maggie's Farm

Dancing with the Stars: Season 8 Odds. Wow, season 8 already. - Television Without Pity

-Check out our huge DWTS photo gallery here.

"I just came back from Australia and Japan. When we were there, there was (sic) the bush fires. We went to Melbourne. When we got off the plane we immediately smelled it. So many people died, and so, so many animals, it was very, very sad. It was very hot, it was about 40 Celsius." Rapper Q-Tip is deeply moved by the lives lost in the recent Australian bush fires.

The only good clip from the worst show* in TV history, "The Moment of Truth":

The McGangBang: the poor man's turducken - The Hot Dish

Elizabeth Banks is a lot sexier than she lets on - Sharapova's Thigh

Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza in a bikini - IDLYITW

Candice Michelle is busting out at the Heads Up Poker Championship Draw Party - Starpulse Photo Gallery

"That was painful to watch. I understood the pressure she was going through, having been through divorce, having money, having people depend on you." Jennifer Lopez found it tough to watch Britney Spears' meltdown at the beginning 0f 2008.

The first five minutes of "Watchmen" (opening credits):

Jessica Biel is Jessica Rabbit on SNL. (with video) - IDLYITW

Six-and-a-half Tatiana del Toro Career Predictions - Television Without Pity

"There are lines you can't believe were written before Heath died. There are going to be a few gasps. I can guarantee gasps." Moviemaker Terry Gilliam insists Heath Ledger's final film, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, will not be easy to watch for some fans.

Forget the Phish reunion, here's The Dead rehearsing for their spring tour(!):

Beyonce: 26" waist, 73" hips. - Celebrity Smack

Kat Von D is creepy and sweaty - Superficial

Pamela Anderson plays peek-a-boo (gross) - IDLYITW

"I promised myself that before I kick the bucket, I'd become a decent jazz player... if God tapped me on the shoulder and offered me an ultimatum - acting or jazz piano - I'd make the decision in a New York minute." Hollywood legend Dustin Hoffman is determined to become a whizz on the ivories.

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