Ronnie Barnhardt is a daring, delusional mall security guard who attempts to find the mysterious flasher who has been exposing himself to shoppers in the mall. Once he solves the case of the anonymous flasher, Ronnie hopes to be recognized for his achievement and win the woman of his dreams, Brandi.

The plot from the movie described isn't from Paul Blart: Mall Cop starring Kevin James, it's from the new movie Observe and Report starring Seth Rogen. Unlike Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Observe and Report is a dark, and twisted comedy that appears to be, from most reviews, beyond bizarre. The movie opens this weekend and is expected to do fairly well. These days it seems like all of the films Seth Rogen stars in are successful. With hits like Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Rogen is being viewed as a leading man and the "King of nerd comics." Some Hollywood critics are already considering him to be one of Funniest men in Hollywood. But is he really that funny?

Seth Rogen is no Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey when it comes to physical comedy on the big screen. And he certainly isn't Chris Rock when it comes to jokes and quips. What makes Rogen funny is his dry wit and deadpan humor which makes the characters he plays in his movies seem absurd and weird, but likeable. Seth is known for improvising, which makes the dialogue in his films seem realistic. And he's also fat, which isn't an insult but more of a compliment considering the fact that "Fat is funny." Comedic actors like Jack Black and Kevin James have been successful because they use self-deprecating humor in their films to make fun of their weight and have audiences laughing at them. Rogen uses this same formula along with his deadpan delivery to attract audiences to his comedies. This has translated into box office success with audiences flocking to see his movies like Vultures.

Some critics don't find Seth Rogen to be funny at all. They think his films are unfunny and unwatchable. They've even labeled his movies as "Stoner movies." One newspaper movie critic writes that Rogen's movie Observe and Report is a "extraordinarily depressing film to watch." Another newspaper movie critic writes "If only Wes Craven had directed Observe and Report. It would have been a lot funnier." These same critics call Rogen "horrifically ubiquitous" and overrated. It's safe to say that these critics won't be watching and reviewing another Seth Rogen film anytime soon.

Despite some negative reviews and opinions towards him and his films, Seth Rogen is funny. If he wasn't, people wouldn't pay to see his films. He's been writing and performing comedy since he was a teenager. And he's worked with brilliant comedians like Sacha Baron Cohen and Adam Sandler. So, he knows a lot about comedy and what makes people laugh. He's going to continue to deliver us the same type of movies with the same type of humor. And as long as Rogen continues to have successful comedy films, he can say that he's funny. Because he'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Story by Maccorley Mathieu

Starpulse contributing writer